When we identify a present emotion that triggers an old psychological stored emotion, (ie., anger at my ex-husband is fueling my depression, or need to feel loved by others triggers my desire to binge eat). Therefore we are able to get to the root of where we are holding onto our emotions energetically. When we are able to clear out the stored emotion on an energetic level the symptom lessens.

Most all of these methods get to the rooted beliefs, vows, and forgiveness to clear out blocked emotions. We can use a form of testing that involves applied kinesiology (a form of muscle testing) to access some of this subconscious information. Forgiveness can open up a space for your own powerful self-healing process to occur more rapidly.

Symptoms that can improve:

Anxiety & Depression
Panic Attacks & Phobias
Post Traumatic Stress
Childhood Trauma
Guilt & Shame
Rage & Resentments
Body Pain
Health Issues
Work Performance
Career Advancement

• EFT- (Emotional Freedom Technique)- This method is like emotional acupuncture which clears out the emotional blocks through a sequence of tapping points. It allows the emotions to be cleared out so phobias, anxiety, performance anxiety and other issues can be resolved.

Splankna – A Christian mind/body process that clears out unresolved trauma and emotional issues that are energetically held onto in the body.

Heart Sync – HeartSync healing sessions intentionally helps bring synchronization for the most core parts of our heart to Christ in a short period of time. w


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