Do you have hunger urges shortly after you’ve just had a meal?  You may grab for snacks and nervously ingest them only to feel still hungry a few hours later. If this sounds like your pattern, you might identify whether you are triggered by emotions that draw you to eating. An emotional eater eats when they aren’t truly hungry and they have this insatiable need that never quite gets satisfied because emotions are driving the cravings. They may feel bored, angry, sad, or unworthy and the way to push down those feelings is to nervously eat something.

This spring I found myself nervously eating after sessions with clients.  It was hard to admit that I was emotional eating, but the more I examined it I was aware that food had become my friend. It was my way of giving back to myself when I felt a little depleted energetically or emotionally. Being in the helping profession it is common to feel like we are over giving all the time and not receiving enough back for us.  It was beginning to feel like food was the best way to give back to myself. Once I became aware of this I realized that I was feeling very depleted with too much of myself going out to others and not enough coming in for myself.

To top it off I had packed more into my schedule additional things such as an art class and facilitating a Bible study which even created more things to do and feeling of out of balance. I did find however that art class was a nice release to get my right brain stimulated.

One of the old standby books that I recommend is called The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner. She describes the imbalance emotionally that people feel when they have over-functioned for so long in relationships and how it builds up hostility inside.  They need to learn to pull back and receive more from others asking for what they need.

Tips for Over-Givers:

  • Question something you are asked to do before you immediately say “yes”
  • Learn to nurture yourself by giving yourself things you LOVE
  • Practice positive affirmation statements toward yourself
  • Find ways to give to yourself by receiving more from others
  • Ask for what you want
  • Spending time alone with meditation or quiet time.

Learn healthy ways to give to yourself and watch your life really thrive!

Suzanne Simpson

The Emotional Liberator



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