Loving HeartHow many of you have difficulty letting go of things? What I typically hear is if I forgive them they will be let off the hook. What you aren’t aware of is the hook is in your own mouth causing YOU the pain. It’s keeping you in bondage and staying connected in an unhealthy way to the other person.So if we take the hook out of our own mouth it frees you to be able to fully release them.

Years ago I decided I needed to forgive my Father for his controlling and emotionally abusive behavior since that was the Christian thing to do. What I wasn’t aware of is that I had some deepseated anger and resentments toward him that needed to be dealt with first. Otherwise I would just be putting bandaids on it. Many times the anger gets deeply buried and can show up in symptoms of criticalness, depression or defensiveness. The way I dealt with it was to stay so busy with work that I didn’t have to feel anything. Eventually it took quite a toll on my health due to the stress I put on myself.

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. We may hold onto things we have done in the past that we can’t let go of. We may find ourselves beating up on ourselves and feeling stuck in berating statements in our self-talk. I have come to believe that people have done their best and holding onto judgments only hurts our relationship with ourselves and others. You might be thinking but they haven’t done their best. I have come to believe they HAVE based on their own wounds and what they were able to do at the time. Just believing that has freed me up a lot of placing critical judgments on them or myself.

I have found in the Splankna therapy work and other methods I use, people experience great freedom for forgiveness and belief patterns they have held onto. It can clear out belief patterns that people have held onto for years that maybe they are not even aware of. The results are very powerful.

Springtime is a great time to do some inner cleansing. You might think of all the things you are hanging onto. If you have this as an intention I believe the people or ideas will come to mind.


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