Headshot-15Suzanne B. Simpson

Suzanne is more than just a speaker. Along with a Masters in Counseling, she is a Psychotherapist, a Board Certified Coach,  and Trainer with over 25 years of real world experience.  Her fundamental belief is there is a divine destiny to mastering happiness, love and owning one’s amazing brilliance. How she delivers this message will inspire you.

Your organization- large or small- will reel with enthusiasm… will love her brilliance and deep understanding in showing them real world solutions to their life problems.  Your audience will be motivated when you hear Suzanne Simpson speak about her extraordinary message in how to rebuild and live a whole, healthy life.

“Suzanne has a wonderful presentation that is well thought through, insightful, and practical.  Her empathy with her audience is tempered by her seasoned experiences that help others relate to  those who are truly searching for answers to their life’s dilemmas.”     W. Dunias, Sales Representative

Suzanne is a very engaging and thoughtful speaker who addresses some very personal topics in a professional and supportive manner. I came away from her session uplifted and ready to make some changes in my life. — Joyce Feustel , Founder, Boomers’ Social Media Tutor

Speaking Topics:

  • Move from Stuck to Unstoppable
  • Boost Your Confidence and Thrive
  • Managing Conflict for Win-Wins

Book Suzanne for associations or team-building programs. Suzanne can customize a presentation for your audience. Contact Suzanne at (720) 981-0713 or [email protected].



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